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Mobile apps built in weeks, not months!

using Generative AI
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Start building your app

Because drag & drop is so 2004, we're introducting plug & play!

Who are we?

We are changing the way mobile apps are built, FOREVER. 

You no longer need to spend thousands of dollars, wait endless months and walk through a very dark route everytime you need a mobile app for your business; which, let's face it, is a necessity now for any business.

We have built an innovative AI-assisted platform that helps you build your mobile app in a matter of minutes, rather than months. What's more? you'll also get a web-app that matches your app and is native to the browsers of mobile phones and tablets; so we are mobile first and not mobile optimised!

How does it work?

Step 01

Build and Design

Simply choose the industry you work in and then choose a pre-built template in that industry. You will gain access to our viewer app at this stage. Meaning that you will be able to see your app being built in real-time rather than having to wait until everything is ready. Quite cool, right?

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Step 03

Test and Launch

Once all of your products are added and you're happy with everything, we will now launch your custom app for you to test. Once happy, we will submit to Google and Apple Stores on your behalf.

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Step 02

Add Products

We know that as a non-technical business owner, dealing with a CMS can sometimes feel like you need a PhD to do so! This is why instead of letting you handle the CMS, one of our geeks will get in touch with you and they will handle this on your behalf.

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What apps do we build?

visit our digital factory to find out what industries we currently cover, and to express your interest if your industry is not listed

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